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Our candles & wax melts are poured by hand, in small batches to ensure perfect quality.
Everything you find in our shop is crafted with mindful intention and clean ingredients. We care about your health and want to help you scent your favorite cozy space the clean way!

Our candles are made with a Coconut Apricot wax base
(don't worry, you won't smell any coconut!).

We use both crackling wood wicks and cotton wicks in our candles because
everyone loves their candle experience a little differently!

You must check these out!

Butterbeer | Harry Potter

A magically good scent for potterheads

Sugary scent notes of Butterscotch, Vanilla and Brown Sugar blended with a strong base of Bourbon and Oak make this a sweet treat straight out of The Three Broomsticks.

Cast your charm spell Lumos and let the strong scent throw fill your common room

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Cold Process Soap

We teamed up with our soapsmith friend "Kreation's by Kiara" to offer you these lovely scented soaps just in time for Mother's Day!

For a limited time you can shop Cold Process soap and get sudsy with Lavender, Pinã Colada or our personal favorite "Wash Of Romance"!