Meet the Owner

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Hi there,
I'm Linnea and I'm the owner & creator of Angsty Libra Candle Company! I'm so extremely happy that you found us!

If you're interested in my story, I'd love it if you kept on reading! If you're just a little curious, go ahead and skip to the end to hear the purpose of this awesome hand-crafted business!

You guessed it! I'm a libra. Not the typical "social butterfly" but a kind and introverted libra who suffers with poor mental health. Mental health and trauma is a subject we didn't discuss growing up in my family despite being surrounded by family members that were so visibly suffering from it. I grew up being the black sheep and the family scapegoat and it wasn't until I started pouring candles in 2021 that I found a healthy way to cope with my anxiety and depression (that's right, it took about 13 years).

From 2017-2022 I followed my husband from Michigan to California and all the way to North Carolina where I currently reside with my husband and animals. I'm a serial hobbyist that happened to find a strong passion with candle making and I've started to expand into a bigger self care collection that involves lotion and cold process soap! Basically, if you're looking for a high quality, cozy product that benefits you mentally, I craft it!

SO, what's the purpose of Angsty Libra and what makes me different than all the other candle brands you find? Our mission is to create products that make you feel good during those dark times & moments of heavy feelings. Weather you suffer from anxiety or "spicy sadness", our products are crafted with your mental health in mind.

What does that mean? We hand-pick and blend our collection of scents to specifically create scents that for some, will take them down memory lane to relive the best times and for others, it may just be a scent that works to uplift them from their current undesired mental state.

My family lost my uncle in 2022 and I created our "True Bear" collection. It's a growing mental health candle collection that benefits NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness) through donation with every purchase. In 2023 my husband and I unexpectedly lost our dog Koda and I hope to create a little light out of his passing by creating a pet memorial collection.

In short, we'd love to offer a little light to you by scenting your cozy space with clean products that are hand-made and crafted with care!