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 Hi there! My name is Linnea Marie, I am the maker/owner of Angsty Libra Candle Company. I am a Michigander who currently lives in North Carolina with my husband and fur babies and crafts cozy products for the cozy souls!

I started my candle making journey in 2021 and have spent the last few years perfecting and growing my craft. I hand-pour all products in small batches from my home studio and share as much "behind the scenes" footage on my socials as I can. When I first started this journey, I had my best friend by my side. We unfortunately lost him very unexpectedly and way too soon. Although candles were poured by my hands, candle supply mail was opened by paws. Koda carried many titles but the most important was "Good Boy".

In the few years that I've been growing this small candle business, I've lost three very important family members. I used to pour candles with the intention of becoming a large well known brand that offered cleaner options for home fragrance, however after recent losses, I started pouring with much bigger purpose. I created True Bear. a mental health candle collection in honor of my uncle and I hope to very soon honor my favorite golden boy & best friend Koda with a pet memorial collection for those who have suffered the unfortunate loss of a furry friend.