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Perfect fall scent

This is the perfect fall scent with hints of cinnamon and apple. It fills the room wonderfully!

Cookies for Santa
Lauren Willis
A new favorite

It’s my favorite new scent! So warm and cozy.

Cozy Cabin
My husbands favorite

I come home almost every day to my husband burning this candle. He literally said “I burn it in the morning while I’m doing school work so I can pretend I’m somewhere cozy and nice not stuck doing school work.” It’s a must buy!

Lisa C.
Very pleased with these Candles and they are handmade and smell amazing

I always buy candles from this company when I'm in North Carolina and now when I'm back home in Miami, order them online! Buy them, you won't be disappointed. Support Small Businesses!

Apple Cider Donuts
Sara Mitchell
Amazing scents and long lasting.

I purchased candles and wax melts from the fall collection. Wow! I was impressed. The scents are fantastic and the candles burn well while lasting a long time. I will definitely be purchasing again!

Perfect welcome to the kitchen

These smell exactly like fresh baked cinnamon rolls and are such a perfect kitchen scent to walk into.

My favorite affirmation scent!

I love this smell! I love burning it!

So amazing!!!

Not only are they gorgeous, the scent is outstanding and fills a room so well! This is one of my favorite scents, Highly recommend (:

Amazing scent and quality!!

You can tell how much Linnea cares about each and every candle, this one smells so warm and cozy. It’s like a nice calming hug, and you know it’s a good quality wax. Highly recommend

English Garden
Uriah Anderson
Love my English Garden sample tin

I lit this candle and immediately my nose was overtaken with scents of lilacs , this scent filled the entire room and although it is only a candle it’s like I brought my lilac tree inside my home . English Garden is everything you could ever want in a candle and much more!

My favorite scent!

I’ve had this candle in a tin, jar and a heart bowl and it never disappoints! It’s what I recommend to all my friends who are trying to decide which scent to go with too!! Can’t go wrong with any of them, but this is definitely a fav!

Lost In The Woods
This candle is everything! All my favorite scents in one jar! Cute packaging and fast delivery too!

Angst Libra candles are literally perfect! Perfect containers, smells, and customer service! I will definitely be purchasing again!

Coco Butter Cashmere
Alexis Contessa
Honestly my favorite candle ever

I’ve burned this anytime I’ve had friends or family over and always gotten compliments, it’s really warm and clean. Doesn’t bother my allergies and the packaging is always SO cute.

Highly Recommend

Absolutely love the meaning and scents of this collection ! By far my favorite candles I’ve ordered

Coco Butter Cashmere
Malia Johnson
Amazing candle!

It smells so good and it's already given me so much burn time and not close to used up. Love the wood wick crackle too!

Cranberry Mandarin | 6oz
Gabby Hatten
My new favorite!!

This scent everything I hoped it would be and more. I will be stocking up for sure!!

Lost In The Woods
Duy An Minior
Lost in the Woods

Subtle scents of sandalwood, clove and oak moss. Lovely and calming!

Macintosh Apple
All around perfect!

This scent is great without being too sweet or overwhelming. It’s a perfect combination of sweet apple, but as if you were also surrounded by the apple trees.
I cannot get over how beautifully these candles burn though. The glass containers are gorgeous and the wax melts so beautifully.

Banana Nut Bread
Elizabeth Vaughn
Banana bread for the WIN!!

A new scent for me that I love. One of my favorites!

Cozy Cabin Getaway
Wonderful combinations

Not only does the candle smell like a perfect fire in the mountain cabin, but the light crackle of the wood wick brings it all together. It’s a perfect combination of a natural wood fire built from nature with a slight sweetness of marshmallow.

Like walking in the woods

It has such a great scent of the mountains. Before burning it has such a subtle hint of musk with the sandalwood, but everything blends so beautifully to take you through the evergreens and nature of your favorite mountain path. Absolutely would suggest for anyone who likes more earth based smells without the sweetness of more floral based scents.

Brown Sugar Fig | 2oz
My favorite candle!

The only candles I’ve bought that smell up my whole house without giving me a headache, we’re delivered super fast and this scent is incredible it’s perfect for fall

Fireside Story
Gabby Hatten
Fav candles!!!

So far I’ve tried this scent, and the figgy pudding and ohmygosh they’re the best! You can absolutely tell the difference in quality when you burn one of these candles for the first time.. hands down the best 🫶🏼

Fireside Story wax melts
Devine Smells

Bought this one for my hubs and he LOVES it!

Fresh Coffee wax melts

I need at least 1 for every day of the week! Placed an order online and the order was delivered within an hour!